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We are Milagros's family, the driving force behind the ongoing search to unravel the mysteries surrounding her disappearance. Comprising her brothers, and sisters, nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews, we have dedicated decades to lead this investigation, spearheading a relentless search to find answers.

Our commitment to discovering the truth has brought us together in solidarity. With shared determination, we're unveiling Milagros's story, commemorating her life, and creating a lasting legacy in her honor. We've embarked on a mission to amplify her voice, weaving a narrative that echoes through time, advocating for justice, and nurturing hope.

Milagros' Mother, Siblings, Nieces & Nephews

Our collective strength fuels a multifaceted approach: leveraging social campaigns, orchestrating investigations, organizing events, and maintaining this website as a platform to share Milagros's story with the world. As a united family, we stand ready to uncover the truth, honor her memory, and, above all, bring closure to this enduring chapter.

Join us in our quest to shed light on Milagros's story, embracing her legacy, and ultimately, discovering the truth as a family united in resolve.


Milagros' parents and siblings

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