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Her Story

Milagros del Rosario Perez Peralta was born on August 29th, 1954, in the village of Jamamucito, Dominican Republic. Growing up in a large family of 11 children, she assumed a maternal role, nurturing her younger siblings and embodying the essence of a homemaker from an early age.

Milagros's life took a vibrant turn when she and her family migrated to the United States. In this new environment, she fully blossomed into her true self, a vivacious soul who seized the day by working tirelessly while attending school and mastering the English language during the evenings.


An enhanced image of Milagros using AI 


It was here that she discovered her passion for fashion. She wielded a fashion edge that set her apart among her peers. Milagros was a beacon of self-expression, distinct from the women in her family. Fearless, outspoken, and unapologetically herself, she challenged societal norms, questioning rules that seemed unjustly skewed against her. Her dedication to her work and family never wavered, and her insatiable curiosity propelled her toward pursuits she held dear.

She was thrilled at the prospect of starting her family with her partner Juan, They were 4 months pregnant, and their future couldn't have looked brighter. On an August morning, days after her 22nd birthday, she was kidnapped. Milagros was last seen exiting what was then the NYS Department of Labor office (now the Dime Residences) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On that morning, she was expected to walk over to her brother and sister-in-law who had welcomed their first newborn 5 blocks away. She never arrived.

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