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Support our cause financially by making a donation. Your contribution enables us to sustain our investigative efforts, support our dedicated team of volunteers, and organize events to keep Milagros's story alive. Learn more about where your money goes on our GoFundMe page.


Raise your voice for Milagros by calling local representatives, press outlets, and law enforcement agencies. Let them know that Milagros's disappearance deserves attention and action. Your calls can make a difference in bringing her case to light.

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Stay updated on Milagros's story and our investigation by following us on social media and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Every follow and engagement helps us reach more people and strengthens our mission. Join us in seeking justice for Milagros.


Spread awareness about Milagros's disappearance by sharing her story with your network. Whether it's with friends, family, colleagues, or on social media, every share amplifies our message and brings us one step closer to finding answers for Milagros and her family.

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